Training and equipping a new generation
to stand boldly on the Word of God

"God bless Carl Kerby for his deep passion for the lost, his desire to equip the Body of Christ, and for the great quality of his material. "

- Ray Comfort

"I like how deBUNKED videos really get to the point with a one two punch. They were instrumental in bringing me to Christ many years ago.” "

- Brian Lee Mayes

"Carl knows what he’s talking about and is able to teach others with humor, a quick wit, and solid scientific information. "

- Kirk Cameron

"Pastor Frank uses the story of his life and the trials that he and his wife have faced to present the gospel in a way that connects and reaches everyone who hears him."

- Pastor Britt Lawson

"Pastor Frank’s depth of Bible knowledge, passion for apologetics, and relatable speaking style enable him to uniquely communicate truth in life-changing ways. Our people were engaged by the message from beginning to end."

- Pastor Robert Riley

We effectively reach the next generation by...

Boldly and clearly proclaiming the
Word of God.

Giving reasons to believe and answering
real-world questions.

Providing Engaging & FREE Resources.

Encouraging Parents to be heroes to their Children.