Who Said That? Common everyday sayings...where do they come from? by Shari Abbott - PREVIEW

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Who Said That? Common everyday sayings from the Bible.

We all say them… short phrases that convey a message.  

Those little, common, everyday sayings that often consist of figurative language, but have a well understood meaning. 

You’ve probably heard sayings such as, “You’re the apple of my eye,”  “A little bird told me” or “Fight the good fight.”  But have you ever wondered where such sayings come from?

Many of these little sayings have been popular for centuries, so it’s no surprise that they find their origins in the words of the Bible.   

This little book is a fun and quick read.  It’s also an inspiring glimpse of how the Bible always has, and always will, have great influence in all aspects of life and for all people.  Learn the source of some of our most common everyday sayings and, the next time you hear one used, ask, “who said that?”  Then be ready to give an answer!

This is a great book to give to unbelievers.  It’s simply a look at  the origins of sayings that we all use...until you get to the last few pages.  The book closes with the saying, “Yada, yada, yada,” which means “you know, you know, you know.” The statement is then made: “God knows [yada] you” and the question is asked “Do you know [yada] Him?”  The question is followed with a gospel presentation and an invitation to repent and trust in Christ, making this book a simple way to share the gospel with an unsaved (and often uninterested or unwilling-to-listen friend).

Who Said That?  Common everyday sayings...where do they come from? by Shari Abbott -  PREVIEW

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Want to give the Good Book to non-believing friends, but they don’t want it?  Give them a book that reveals the many phrases and sayings that come from the Good Book.  


Who Said That - Common everyday sayings...where do they come from? --  sayings that we use and the Scripture from which they originate.  Interesting to say the least, and at the end of the book is a challenge to know God, and a call to trust in Him.  This is a different type of “tract” that will share the gospel message, while providing interesting information for both the saved and unsaved.  

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